Kind, respectful care - while promoting dignity and independence

Personalised Care Services

when you need them, to the extent you need them

Personalised Care Services

when you need them, to the extent you need them

Welcome to Macadamia Care

we understand your needs

With over twenty years of experience in caring for older people, we understand that you’re looking for services and facilities that promote a healthy and caring environment. Whether you’re looking for care for yourself, your elderly parents, or for your beloved partner, our team of expert staff will work with you to assess your health care needs. We offer advice and care services that meet your requirements and your budget, and make sure that the person feels respected and part of a caring community.

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Who needs care?

I do!

I want to move into a home where I will feel safe, comfortable and looked after. I like my independence and I want to feel free to be part of a community, but I acknowledge that I may need some physical help. I don’t want to be a burden on my children, and so I am being proactive in finding the care that I will need one day.

My Parents

I want to know that my parents are being cared for in the best way possible. I’m feeling anxious that they are aging and have physical challenges, and as I can't physically provide the care that they need, I am looking for a professional care service that gives them the love and attention they deserve

My Partner

My beloved partner is needing more physical care than I can manage. I’m looking for care services that respect our privacy, don’t feel invasive in our personal space, and that maintain dignity and respect. I’m looking for either home-based care or for my partner to move into a care home, but I need advice on how to move forward and what the next steps should be.

Our care services

Home-based Care

Care at your home

Care Centre

Care in our centres

Respite Care

Post-operative & illness recovery

Assisted Living

Units that have cleaning, washing and main meal support

Independent Living

Independent homes with all the necessary support needed.

Pesonalised Care

Care according to residents needs after assessment and care plan.

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